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eli  jarra 

visual effects supervisor / lead compositor

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Eli has contributed to over 50 projects, ranging from feature films to television series to commercial ads. He frequently serves as a visual effects and digital effects supervisor as well as a 2D artist and compositor. Eli's notable credits include major feature film projects: Michael Jackson's This Is It, Law Abiding Citizen, Into the Wild, Miami Vice, Hitch, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Spider-Man 2, Vanilla Sky, Not Another Teen Movie,I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and others. His experience as a visual effects/digital supervisor has been tapped for productions such as The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Superhero Movie and Rush Hour 3, as well as television shows such as Eastwick.

Eli's work on the TV series Smallville has garnered him multiple VES Award nominations and two VES Awards: one for "Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program" and the other for "Best Matte Painting in a Live-Action Broadcast Program."

He graduated with a degree in broadcasting from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. He is a member of the Visual Effects Society; S.P.E.C., an Inferno artist's special interest group; The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association; and The Planetary Society.

Eli Jarra and Brian Joseph Ochab have enjoyed several successful collaborations including the research and development of 3D technology using the RED ONE camera.   

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