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Wonder Motion Studios is a creative and passionate collective of  filmmakers, model & miniature designers, puppet fabricators, animators and visual effects artists.  In addition to being world class talent, they bring years of remarkable knowledge and experience to all areas of production.

Wonder Motion Studios’ objective is to create memorable stop-motion animated films with beautiful stories that will delight and appeal to every audience.

The success of that objective lies in rich storytelling and animators who can breathe life in to the puppets, not just making them move but delivering actual performances.  These once inanimate objects now live completely.  They laugh, cry and express a full range of emotion.  The audience is then transported, fully invested in these characters, seeing what they see and feeling what they feel.   The result is nothing less than magic.

Wonder Motion Studios is proud to be attracting top talent in the stop-motion animation and production world who share that vision of exceptional storytelling, love of the craft and most importantly, a care and respect for the audience.

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