BRIAN  Joseph ochab 

Writer / Director

Brian Joseph Ochab is chief creative officer of Wonder Motion Studios.     He began his career in stop-motion animation.  While still in his teens, he worked for a top Midwest special effects &             stop-motion animation facility.  Rising quickly through the ranks, he worked on countless industrial films, commercials, and feature films including Sam Raimi’s cult classic The Evil Dead II. 

Brian made his move to directing with a music video for the popular Detroit underground song Just Jammin’. The video contained a unique combination of puppet stop-motion animation and live action.    He then co-wrote, produced, and directed a short film entitled That Special Gift, which was an official entry in the Academy Awards® Short Film category.


Eventually Brian moved to Los Angeles where he continued his study of film as well as directing actors.  He studied with some of the top acting teachers and coaches in Hollywood.  His focus on the actors’ craft has earned him the trust and respect of actors with whom he has worked.  His dedication to a fully-rounded approach to directing has given him an excellent reputation within the entertainment industry from those both in front of and behind the camera.

Soon after his move to the west coast, a start-up production company was creating a new children’s show entitled My Bedbugs.  The producers needed a director who could not only give the show a distinctive visual signature but also put the show on the map.  They signed a deal with Brian to direct and associate produce the first season, a total of 17 episodes.  Almost immediately after Brian took the helm, PBS picked up the program.

In its first season, My Bedbugs received a staggering seven Emmy® Award nominations including one for Brian in the directing category.  It set a record for nominations of a regional show.  My Bedbugs also won several Emmy’s® including Best Children’s Programming.  

He has written and is currently co-producing & directing a stop-motion animated short film narrated by Christopher Lee entitled TIM. It tells the charming story about a little boy who wants to be like Tim Burton.

In addition, Brian is currently developing his feature film debut Frame By Frame, inspired by a true story.

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